Spider-Man redesign

Spider-Man is a trademark of Marvel Character Inc.

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Alex Getts — Art & Illustration hat gesagt…

Fantastic redesign! I'm not 100% sold on the 3/4 length sleeves, but very cool!

If you ever want to submit to http://www.superheroofthemonth.com, we'd be happy to promote your work!

Hoylus hat gesagt…

I like the design, apart from the 3/4 length sleeves. What purpose do they serve?

a version with full length sleeves would be great.

Albert Hulm hat gesagt…

Thanks to you guys!
@Holyus: I've watched a few Parkour guys. Some of them were wearing these 3/4 shirts and it looks pretty cool to me. I adapted it to my spidey-concept because I think they fits great to spideys "jumping and swinging around thing". But primarily I liked it.
But I´ll post some longsleeve versions in a few days.

Daniel Heard hat gesagt…

Excellent work! Another design that should have been in the Honorable Mentions!

Alex hat gesagt…

I love this redesign! I saw it on Superhero of the month and I think it is fantastic! Great stuff you got here!

Albert Hulm hat gesagt…

Thanks, Alex!
Glad you like it. :)